Concern grows as latest clue brings no joy in hunt for missing X Factor star Levi Davis

A close friend of missing X Factor star Levi Davis says he is growing ‘more concerned’ at the lack of a breakthrough in the investigation.

Police confirmed that a passport discovered in Barcelona did belong to the TV personality and rugby player, more than three weeks since he disappeared.

But former England rugby player Tom Varndell has voiced concern at the lack of further developments, saying it is “out of character” for Levi to have gone for ‘so long.’

Levi was last seen on CCTV leaving the Old Irish Pub in the popular tourist area of La Rambla over three weeks ago on October 29.

Since then, Tom received a tip that Levi was in the homeless area of Barcelona – Plaça Sant Agust, appearing ‘lost and confused.”

Officers in Barcelona then stated that his passport had been found.

But now, Tom says that he has not received any further leads on his location and that it has been “very emotional” for friends and family.

Tom said: “It’s just emotion for the family, very emotional.

“And friends are really affected. There are a lot of people who are really concerned.

“I can’t believe how much time has gone by.

“All family members are getting more and more stressed every single day now. The longer this goes on, the more concerning it becomes.”

Levi, who plays for Worthing Raiders, left the UK for Ibiza in the wake of an injury.

But suddenly, he left his friend and took a boat from the Spanish Island to Barcelona without clothes or cash.

In footage obtained by the Mirror, he was captured on CCTV leaving the Old Irish Pub in La Rambla that day and has not been heard from since.

The clip showed Levi carrying a small black rucksack, while wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt, black trousers and black and white trainers.

But since arriving in Barcelona, police said that he had not used his phone and had not accessed his bank accounts.

With news of his passport being found, Tom says that it has been a ‘significant’ development in the desperate search to find him.

Tom said: “It’s not just a guy trying to stay off the radar, no one stays away this long.

“News about his passport is quite significant. He can’t travel anywhere so [we hope] anyone who is in the Barcelona area [can] please keep a look out and please report to the email address [email protected]

“Obviously, everyone has times when they want to close off and go away and have time with their own thoughts.

“But it’s not like he’s in the UK doing it. He’s gone overseas to a place that he’s not familiar with and that’s worrying.

“To disappear and not to have a passport now is concerning.”

Levi has now been missing for almost a month as his friend Tom says he believes this is ‘out of character’ for the rugby player.

Tom said: “Levi is very family orientated.

“He loves his family and that’s what’s concerning. To be away from his family and friends.

“Levi is very sociable so he’ll always be with people, he’ll always be talking to people, he’ll always be involved with people.

“From a rugby perspective, it’s all about your teammates, working with your teammates for a common goal.

“He’s obviously involved in music heavily as well and obviously you need a fanbase, you need support to push that as well.

“So Levi as a person is always very sociable around people so this is so out of character now.”